Best Blogging Tip For Martial Arts Sites

by Keith Pascal


Do you know what the number one, biggest error is for bloggers? (I’ll tell you in a minute.)

It took me working on a project to review 400 (no kidding) security guard training sites, in order to see this big-time boo-boo. Then for grins and giggles, I decided to do a little martial-arts website snooping.

Yes, the biggest blogging mistake on the Net appeared on lots of martial arts blogs, too.

And then horror of horrors, I found that my two blogs also committed this egregious error.

So …


What is The Biggest Blogging Mistake?

It has to do with frequency of posting.

Bloggers don’t blog enough.

I visited site after site that had posts as infrequent as two time a month … or less.

For the search engines to send some traffic your way, you have to get your posts ranked. And to get your posts rated high enough to be seen by actual people … you have to glean some “search engine love.”

And how do you do that?

By posting frequently.


Don’t Make Martial Arts Blogging a Chore

You don’t have to write a full article for your blog, every day. Really.

Supplement your posts with interesting links to videos, or embed some right into the blog. Then write a sentence or two enticing the visitor to watch the video, and you’re done.


You can also make a post with just a sentence or two referring your visitors to the answer to  a specific problem … with an affiliate link, of course. This way, you make some extra $$$ with an honest recommendation.

Finally, be sure you do give your readers quality content … a few of your “article-length posts” per week, and some links to freebie downloads that you discover, as well.


Make everyone want to come back to your blog on a regular basis.


Oh … and be sure to preload your posts with automatic publication dates. This way, you only have to “post” to your martial arts blog once a week, while still being seen every day.


Now, I’m off to post.  😉