Have Your Blog Efforts Been So-So?

You’re either a solo martial artist or you have a martial arts organization … school or company. You created a website, but you didn’t get much traffic.

Experts said thousands would visit … you got a few hundred visitors, at most.

Next, it was suggested that you start a blog and start participating on other martial arts blogs in hopes of a little back-link juice. Still, not a lot of traffic, right?

Are you disappointed?

There are ways to get free traffic to your martial arts blog.

Let’s take it in steps….

Step 1

Find the martial arts sites and blogs that are getting more traffic than yours. Don’t look for giant blogs; they won’t be all that interested in you. And don’t waste your time with the small fry either; they won’t bring you a lot of traffic.

Use a tool like Google Page Rank or Alexa to find out your popularity and the popularity of your potential network buddies.

As I said, find blogs that are somewhat better than you, but don’t go for the stellar blogs. (If you do a “rinse and repeat” of these steps, then you’ll continue to progress until you are every bit as big as the giant martial-arts sites.)

Step 2

Help them, before you talk to them.

This is akin to the Twitter idea of retweeting. You start by helping others with retweets, and then they almost automatically begin to follow you.

You helped them first.

So, apply that to your blog. Help those other blogs out, first. Write entries on your site that link to the best posts of the other guys.

Interview these guys. Post the interviews.

Step 3

Eventually, tell them that you are helping them.

If they agree to that martial-arts interview, and you post it, then remind them to link to it, and send their peeps over to read the praise.

What I am suggesting is that you ease into a networking relationship.

Continue to offer to help them.


Step 4

Eventually, make an offer to help them that is mutually beneficial. It could be an exchange of traffic, exchange of articles with links, or even offering each other’s products with an affiliate link.

Doesn’t this method sound more sane than some of the other techniques I bet you have read about?

Slow, but sure wins the race.

Here, you do a little network-courting, before anyone suggests a business opportunity that would benefit you.

Try it, and let me know how it plays out. OK?