3 Martial Arts Blogging Mistakes
by Keith Pascal

Do you run a martial arts blog?

Are you getting all that you want (money and more) from your blogging efforts?

Here are 3 quick mistakes that you can correct….

1. Copy-and-Pasters Beware!

If I had to hazard a guess, I’d estimate that almost half of all martial-arts blogs copy content from article directories and remove the credits. For example, they go to ezinearticles.com, type in “martial arts,” and grab the most current articles. Then they copy the content, removing the resource link at the end, and the byline in the beginning (by Keith Pascal, for example).

Then they post the article to their own site, so their readers think that the blogger is the author of the words of wisdom.

This is just plain stupid for a variety of reasons:

Some authors, including yours truly, go after these thieves with a vengeance. I have had over 100 pages dropped to the bottom of Google’s search engine, AND I have filed official papers and had TWO sites completely shut down. Permanently. You don’t want your website to disappear.

Also, you could get some search engine traffic for the author’s name. Type in “Keith Pascal,” and “martial arts,” and the search results could send the internet surfer to your site. This can’t happen if you remove the byline.

If you take articles from places like BestMartialArtsArticles.com, you are allowed to replace the resource link with a free affiliate link. You’ll make 50% (plus or minus) of any sale that results from clicking through your affiliate link. If you illegally copy an article without a resource link, then your readers don’t have an opportunity to read more or continue their learning.

Eliminating bylines and resource boxes with links is illegal. Don’t plagiarize. Most martial artists have both morals and ethics. Not only will you get more traffic by keeping it honest, but you’ll feel better, too. And you might even gain a new friend … authors appreciate the proper promulgation of their articles.


2. Same Flavor

If you find fewer people clicking over to read your latest blog post, then maybe you’re boring them … not with the topics, but with the flavor of the posts. Martial arts bloggers seem to get into a rut of sameness. (I have been guilty of this with my newsletters.)

The length of the posts tends to be the same. The advice becomes tautological (repetitive). And even the subject headlines of the RSS feeds or newsletters seem to project the same ol’ same ol’.

The answer is to keep them guessing. Write both short and long posts. Teach them how to do something, and then in the next post, review a new martial arts book or ebook. Sometimes, post photos; other times, give them a link to a new video on Youtube or someone else’s blog.

Build curiosity. Make checking out your latest post a necessary part of their day (or week, if you post less frequently).


3. What Are You Talking About?

Face it; you aren’t the celebrity that you think you are. Nobody wants to know that you had a lot of syrup on your waffle, this morning. Your readers couldn’t care less about you having another boring evening in front of the TV.

I thought that this egregious sin only cropped up on Twitter; haven’t you read some pretty dull tweets?

Unfortunately, some martial artists have taken to regurgitating this kind of mindless fodder on their blogs. Stop it …

Unless it relates to the martial arts.

Go ahead and mention the concert you went to last week, if you can talk about the error in positioning of the security guards. Mention the fast food that you bought the other day, where you had to diffuse a potentially violent situation between to other customers.

Make it relate to the theme of your blog.

Note: I once tried to sell a book on martial arts to my magicians list. You’d think that magicians might need self-defense skills. All I can say is, “Wow!” I have never had so many unsubscribes in a 48-hour period. Stay on topic.


Quick Blog Improvement Recipe

You can correct all of the above mistakes in one fell swoop. Just follow this simple recipe:

  • Go to BestMartialArtsArticles.com and grab an article. Or write to me (info “at” martialartsmoney.com), and I’ll send you a brand new article. Make sure to leave the “by Keith Pascal” byline and the resource link (grab an affiliate link, so you can make some money).
  • Write a short paragraph on the same subject as the article. Build desire to read more.
  • Post the article, with the byline and links to another post. Send all your people to both posts.

With this simple recipe, you eliminate the three mistakes. You’ll include credits and get some traffic for it; you’ll give them fresh content; it will add flavor to your posts. And you will keep it on topic, giving your visitors two posts that relate.

Not only that, you won’t be grabbing worn out materials from the mega article directory sites.

Now, was this just a good read, or will you go, right now, and help your blog?