Martial-Arts Blogging: Subtle, Please

by Keith Pascal


After reviewing more than 400 Security Guard Training Sites, all I can say is that I am sick of all of the ads. Ads up top, ads down below, ads hidden to look like subject categories, video ads, graphic ads, text ads. Ads, ads, ads, and more ads.


If you want to make money with your martial arts blog, the first action I suggest you do is to remove all of the ads that aren’t making you good money. If it’s not producing cash now, don’t keep it up there in the hopes that it will become a cash cow … as soon as you get more traffic.

Forget it.

Keep your winners, and ruthlessly delete the space wasters.


Clean Up Your Self-Defense Blog

Next, look at your website page … any given page. Really examine it.

Is it pleasing?

Or is it, pardon the expression, crapped up with advertising everywhere?

Make it pleasing.


Because if your visitors don’t know what to focus on, they won’t focus on anything. Mishmashes confuse.

Conduct an experiment. Send an equal amount of traffic to a page that advertises one item as you do to a page loaded with ad after ad, spread about everywhere.

I bet the singleton gets more sales.

Choose a Product to Promote and Then Test

Once you have a cleaned-up page, or better yet, a cleaned-up site, carefully choose one proprietary product or one affiliate product and promote it per page.

Track results, and let me know which way works better for you … subtle, one message per page, or a busy page filled with every ad under the sun?

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